Is your swimming pool drowning out your potential buyers?

If you own a pool and try to sell Palm Springs home, chances are that you’ve already eliminated a good portion of potential buyers.


Well, not everyone sees owning a swimming pool as a good thing. First and foremost, it can be a liability. Without the proper safety measures in place, in addition to those required by your county, that pool can put one’s safety at risk. Such a liability also means more home owners insurance is needed (some insurance companies won’t even accept pools with diving boards!). And people who have never owned a swimming pool before may also see it as an high-maintenance expense: water, chemicals, heating, etc.

So what can you, as a home seller with an installed pool, do to keep from drowning out your potential buyers?

First, don’t worry. There is bound to be someone out there who has the same desire as you to own a pool — if there weren’t, there wouldn’t be companies that sell swimming pools! Secondly, with the help of your real estate agent, market the positives and minimize the negatives.

(This is the first installment of a three-part series on how to keep your swimming pool from drowning out your potential buyers when selling your home. Read part 2 – tomorrow)

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