Selling Your Home With A Different Kind of “Wow”

If you’re selling your home in Palm Desert and you’ve talked with your hired Palm Desert Real Estate Agent, an experienced real estate agent, you know that having a “Wow!” factor in your home is one of the biggest influences you can make on potential home buyers. Do you have that grand gourmet kitchen? Are you showing off that luxurious master suite and master bathroom combination? Don’t forget to dim the lights to add ambiance to that high-tech media room. What’s that you say? You don’t have any of those? You think you just have a plain-Jane cookie-cutter house and there is no “Wow” left? Well, here’s where you’re wrong! Aside from offering seller concessions for new carpet replacement or general repairs, here are a few ideas to get your creative noggin running on ways to give your home the competitive edge:

  • Throw in a car, boat or RV. If you have an older car, boat or RV that you don’t plan on keeping anyway, why not add it to the list of amenities when selling your home? Think that it’s an expensive give-away? Well, think about what kind of expenses you would incur in updating a kitchen. Most kitchen renovations average $25k to $40k. Do you have that kind of cash lying around? There are even some brand new cars on the market that cost less than the average kitchen renovation.
  • Throw in a vacation. How about giving your sellers round-trip tickets to Cancun or season passes to a local amusement park or sports franchise. Do you own a time-share? Maybe throw that in to the sale. A lot of home buyers would appreciate the added bonus of a family vacation after a stressful move.
  • How about a year’s worth of monthly dinners at local restaurants. What a great way to show off the local attractions! Buy 12 gift certificates to local stores or restaurants to get buyers motivated!

So, how’s THAT for a “Wow!” factor? Use your creativity! Use what you have available locally. By incorporating ideas like these you will definitely give those potential home buyers something to think about. No items matching your keywords were found.

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